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November 27, 2018
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English pronunciation rules

Some ways to improve your pronunciation

Knowing the writing rules and grammar of English is of vital importance, since it allows the construction of sentences and to be able to speak fluently in this language, expressing ideas and concerns. However, when we refer to speaking, it can become a little more complicated, since pronunciation is a fundamental part of said language.

In this chaos, you will learn how to pronounce words in English, through different tips and recommendations. It is very important to speak this language correctly so everyone can understand you, and you will increase your knowledge as you manage the dialect better in a habitual way with other people. Practicing is vital, do not forget it.

Pronunciation rules

If you want to pronounce English easily, you can have a practical guide through the vowels. For example:

  • The letter “a” is pronounced as “ei” when it is tonic in the end of syllables, or with consonants and a vowel “e” that is silent. Similarly, before sets of letters such as “nci, ng, ste and mb”. Within examples we can say that fate is pronounced like “féit”, and waste is pronounced “uéist”. It’s a big difference between the written and the spoken form, right?
    • Its pronunciation can be “or” when it is before the letters “l or ll”, or before the syllable at, or after the w. For example, water is pronounced “uórer” or the word already, pronounced “olrédi”.
    • It is pronounced as “a” when it is found before the letter r, like the word “Far”, pronounced “fa: r”.
  • The letter “e” is pronounced as “i” when it is at the end of syllables, followed by consonants or with a silent “e”. For example, scene pronounced as “sí:n”, me pronounced as “mí” and the, pronounced as “dí”.
    • It is pronounced as “eh” in an open manner and in other cases in a closed manner. For example, meter that is pronounced “mire: r” and meridian that in spoken form is “merídian”.
  • The letter “i” is pronounced as “ai”, in cases where the syllable is tonic at the end, before “gh”, “ght”, “gn”, “Id” and “nd, also in monosyllabic words or they are preceded by one or more consecutive consonants. When it is followed by the letter “r” and when a silent “e” is not found. Examples include: Pine “páin”, biography “baíografi”, sir “sér” and first “férst”.
  • The letter O is pronounced as “ou” when it is at the end of syllables or followed by consonants and or a silent “e”. Open “óupen”, bold “bóul”, most “móust”, vote “vóut” and many more.
    • It is pronounced the same as in Spanish when it is not followed by a silent “e”. For example Boy “boi”, toy “tói”.
    • It is pronounced as the French “ae” in the words that have more than one syllable or end in the suffix “tion”. The word admiration would be pronounced as “admiréishon”.
    • It is pronounced as “u” in cases like: do “dú”, who “jú” and in certain verbs like: To prove “tu prúv”, to move “tu múv” and to lose “tu lús”.
  • The letter u is pronounced as “iu” when it is tonic at the end of the syllable or followed by consonants and a silent “e”. For example, usual “iúshual” and tune “tiún”.
    • It is pronounced just like in Spanish in words like rule “rúl”, bull “búl”, crude “krúd”, true “trú” and many more.
    • It is pronounced as “iú” when it is at the end of a strong syllable and precedes a consonant followed by a silent “e”. For example pupil “piúpíl”, tube “tiúb”.
    • Se pronuncia como “i” en palabras como busy “bísi” and building “bílding”.

How to improve your pronunciation in English

Now that you know some rules of pronunciation of English, surely you will have an idea of how to say some words written in that language, and here you will see tips and recommendations that will allow you to speak fluently and easily.

It is vital to mention that once you learn to pronounce words in English you will have confidence when speaking. People will pay more attention to your ideas and you could say that you handle a second language without a problem.

The solution of public speaking in English will require fundamental elements. In this case, the effort, time and adequate resources are the best allies, many consider that the pronunciation is a very complicated aspect, but the results are achieved once and for a lifetime.

When you learn how to properly pronounce the sounds, you will see the results very quickly. You just need to learn to move the muscles of the mouth for each of the actions and practice, after performing these actions for a set time, you can test and verify the results of practicing.

In this case, we can talk about many ways in which you can learn how to pronounce words in English. One of these is to speak slowly; you have to realize that Spanish is spoken with a much higher speed, so you must decrease a bit the speed for English.

It should be noted that the fluency of words in English consists of the correct articulation of words and phrases in a natural and correct way when speaking, so if you talk carefully there will be no problem. That will make you have more time to think about what you will say and the timely pronunciation, which facilitates the conversation.

Also, it is noteworthy that educated people of the upper class speak slowly, so it will give you an aura of elegance if you talk slowly. Nobody will have problems in understanding you, and you will be able to converse without problems.

Another recommendation for proper word pronunciation is to subscribe to a Youtuber who speaks English. These people record videos on specific or varied topics, and upload them on that platform frequently. Choose your favorite one and follow their channel.

What is the advantage of using Youtube to practice our pronunciation? Since they are native people, they speak in a natural way. Expressions, speed, intonation and vocabulary are fundamental aspects when using English in a spoken way, so taking it into account is a great opportunity to learn.

Similarly, a way to improve the pronunciation of words is with books that help improve language study. In many of them is the theory of what you need, like many examples and recommendations, which will make you speak like a native.

In many of these, there are CDs with practical, dynamic classes that facilitate pronunciation. Learning to speak English will be an incredible tool for life.

Recording yourself while speaking English is an excellent tool too! You will be able to know the mistakes that you make when pronouncing, and the aspects that you must take care of. Analyze the way you speak from your own ears, and easily change those aspects to improve.

Use a mobile recorder, read aloud or monologue on a topic, and write down all the words or elements you need to improve. Then attack one at a time and you will see the results

Finally, it is essential that you learn to listen calmly and with attention to pronunciation. This is fundamental in its improvement since the expected result is to imitate a way of speaking, which will allow you to defend yourself abroad. Share your own ideas and be heard by others without having to repeat a few times what you just said.

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